What The (Fu**) Covfefe??

CovfefeThe president and his advisors know exactly what it meant? What the fu** Donald? Like so many of us I don’t know whether to feel embarrassed or amused or shocked or a bit of all of it – it’s a toss up, my fellow Americans. Personally, I think Mr. President got himself a new poodle (same hairstyle) who yips every time Trump gets any negative news coverage (which is pretty much all day) and he interprets Covfefe’s yips as: don’t listen don’t listen don’t listen you are the greatest you are the biggest you are the TRUMP ….. 😉

I guess I feel like a lot of Americans do. Let me tell you how my days start right now. I live in Europe so while Donald is fucking up the country royally at daytime / evening US time, I am in a different time zone 6 to 9 hour ahead of y’all and fast asleep (dreaming of Covfefe, no doubt!). I wake up around 6 a.m. and the first look at (social) media currently never fails to present the next presidential clusterfuck-up. Trump’s campaign screamed the motto “Make America Great Again” in loud neon colors (not rainbow colors, of course. He wouldn’t have wanted to be associated with the LGBT community now, would he?!) – and after a few months of his almost dictatorial reign I have seen America become the following:

  • a threat to global safety
  • a country with closed borders to anyone different
  • a country building a wall to keep the neighbors out
  • a country in which it is suddenly politically correct to call rape a “pre-existing” condition and allows for it’s republican politicians to claim that “rape and incest are a part of God’s will”
  • a country that boycotts the world’s attempts to save our planet and denies the reality of climate change




  • a country where the First Daughter – a fashion designer – is smuggled among the world’s leading ladies just because her last name is Trump
  • a country with a leader who defines his “strength” and power through bone crushing handshakes and rough-tackling of other “leaders” for the prime spot on photo shoots

I could think of many more examples – but frankly, I think those up there are enough to make even the most dedicated Trump voter understand that so far, Donald has achieved a lot of (ha ha) things – making America GREAT again doesn’t even make last place on that agenda!

I find myself laughing about the morning news but even as I do, I can’t help but also feel a sense of urgent activism. Isn’t it past time the People started actually DOING something about Donald J. Trump? We have had our five minutes of being shocked and dumbfounded and amused and embarrassed, horrified and disgusted. We now need to get our 70’s pants on and start marching, talking, shouting it from the rooftops – Donald J. Trump isn’t worthy of being the President of the United States, DJT needs to step down or be taken down!




Look at the list up there. Living in Europe, we are confronted with history daily on a much larger scale than Americans are. The similarities to dictatorial regimes of the past that have led to desasters and World Wars are obvious and horrifying. The world has compared Trump to Hitler but more in a mocking sort of satiric sense. When I look at the fact that he treats Muslims like Hitler treated Jews, I personally lose any sense of humor. Thats not funny, folks, thats a scandal, and a dangerous one at that. I wonder if we pulled open the desk drawers in the Oval Office, would we come across secret designs for a red symbolic sign of a half moon and a star for Muslims to wear on their clothes so that they can be identified as such?





And who knows, maybe beside the GREAT WALL (such as the one dividing West and East Germany built by the RUSSIANS…), Trump’s architects are also already busy drawing construction plans for “work camps” to be built somehwere in the desert of Arizona, Texas or New Mexico and it is only a matter of time before a bill is passed that will make it perfectly legal and, of course, God’s will, to capture illegal immigrants (and muslims, gays, journalists etc) and put them to work for the GREATER GOOD of America in such camps. After all, ARBEIT MACHT FREI, right?





How likely is it that Donald has a team of corrupt scientists working for him (maybe even the grandsons and daughters of Dr. Josef Mengele) trying to break the American Genetic Code so that in the near future, perfect ALL AMERICAN BABIES can be made in labs all over the country who will be raised in the Trump Youth to grow up to be Americans blindly following their FÜHRER into a bright future in which America is great again, in fact, the GREATEST.

And before we know it, the Star Spangled Banner will have an addition – beside the 50 stars we will find a white man’s hand whose thumb and forefinger make a round and we will ALL know whose hand that is, won’t we? The Leader will choose his own Chiefs of Police and Military (oh wait, thats already happened, hasn’t it?), make freedom of the press punishable by law, and pass a law that will forbid Americans to marry Muslims, let alone procreate with them.

Do you think I am painting too dark a future, make comparisons that are too extreme? Please don’t. Wake up. I am sorry to say this but America, by electing DJT as president of the US you have fucked up. It is a mistake that could cost us all more than we can possibly imagine right now. So we need to stand up, speak up, and let our voices be heard BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. We are all outraged. Let’s give this outrage POWER. Again, look at history. It is the PEOPLE who brought down the Berlin wall, the People who ended the absolute monarchy in France that had ruled the country for centuries, the People who fought and gained independance from the British Empire for the New World. It is the People, and only the People, who can bring down Donald Trump.


America will have a chance to become great again once this dark chapter of history is put behind us. People, let’s fire Donald J. Trump. Americans believe in values. Let us please remember and fight for them?


Liberty is the value that proclaims that people should be free to think, speak, and act as they choose as long as they do not offend the freedom and rights of others.


Self-government is the value that declares that citizens have a say in how their government is run. They are the primary source of the government’s authority, they participate actively in the political process, and the government exists to promote their well-being.


Equality is the value that holds that all people must be treated fairly and with dignity and be able to embrace opportunities for education, economic success, political involvement, and a fulfilling life.


Individualism is the value that is committed to independence, self-sufficiency, private initiative, and personal economic growth. Individuals must be in control of their own lives and be able to make decisions without undue influence from the government or society.


Diversity is the value that teaches us to respect and embrace the fact that all people are unique and important no matter what their race, culture, heritage, belief system, or socio-economic status.

Donald J. Trump stands for NONE of America’s core values.

Do you????

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Thank you for reading, as always





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