What Do Humans Need To Survive – Facts & Fun

When asked this question, most people’s first intuitive answer would be: water. And of course, that would be true. Water Drops Then we would all come up with a huge number of things, some basic, some personal, that are in our opinions absolutely necessary to survive. A teenager may say “my smartphone” because without it, he or she would be cut off from the world as they know it. A geriatric patient needs his/her pills, an artist needs the muse.  And so on. Most of those things are certainly important, but by no means paramount for survival. Here are the most basic needs. In order to survive, a human body needs: Oxygen, water, food, shelter (warmth) and self-defense. Thats it people. No magic, no technology. Thats survival, not to be confused with actual “living”. Unless we end up in a nuclear war or the overpopulation explodes exponentially overnight, we’ve got our bases covered. But what if….?


What do humans need to survive on Mars?

Ok, what seemed to be a relative given when thinking about survival on Mother Earth becomes a different story altogether when we think a step further. What if we need to evacuate the Earth? If humans were to have to live on Mars, we would run into a few problems:Mars

  • Mars has, as far as we know as of 2017, no breathable air – there goes our oxygen.
  • Mars doesn’t have any water and the soil on Mars won’t support the growth of crops even if water could be generated – thats another strike on the basics food & water
  • Temperatures on Mars suck. True, temperatures can reach a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit but can plummet to a freezing-225degrees F. Mars’ thin atmosphere can’t protect against meteors and comets, making it a dangerous place to attempt to live. That concludes the strike out with a big fat ZERO for shelter & defenseSo, basically, if we WERE to have to survive on Mars we’d have to piggy-back and UPS all necessities from home; we’d need to create an air-tight habitat that would enable pioneers to grow their own food and to live in a breathable environment; they’d need a water recycling program and also some type of radiation protection. Still think survival is easy?!


Survival in the Artic

We already established that the above mentioned basics aren’t a given in outer space, but we musn’t forget that they also can become a challenge in extreme heat or cold, like in the Arctic. Here you need to dress onion-style with at least 4 layers of quick-dry clothes that keep you warm and dry; any excess moisture freezes instantly. Think popsicles hanging from your armpits. Gross! You’d need to double or tripple your food intake because you burn that much more calories; protect yourself against frostbite and deter polar Polar Bears bears for example with loud shrill noises (might be an idea to take your mother-in-law if you`re planning a trip…) and so on. Survial suddenly got much more complicated!


And what about Global Warming?

Roughly 8 billion people inhabit the earth; and roughly 1 billion cows. Cows fart methane gas. That doesn’t just smell pretty unpleasantly, it also harms the ozone layer. We consume, use airplanes and cars, cut down the rainforest. In other words, the effects thereof also known as Global Warming are inevitable. The big Q is, will we survive it?Global Warming

Well, one thing you need to survive will be to move to a place thats higher than 3 meters – thats aproximately 9 ft – above sea level, otherwise you and everything you own will be drowned due to the rising tides. Whole countries will vanish from the face of the earth so we’ll need to provide room, food, shelter for all the refugees from those places. Thinking of how well the world deals with refugees right now, thats not a very bright prospect I guess. We need to think of new food sources because the change in weather and the unpredictability of it will lose many crops and thus cause famine all around. Maybe I will barbeque the ants in my backyard next week, as a sort try-out…..

Hurricances, tornadoes and blizzards will hit where they never did before. Basically, we need to prepare for a downfall of ecomomy, unemployment, hunger and humanitarian crisis all over the world. Make no mistake, we WILL survive. But we may come to a point when we wish we didn’t.


20 Supplies You Need To Survive Any Disaster

  1. Large supply of bottled water, and the knowledge to procure water from contaminated sources (yep, here is the basics again!)
  2. Non-perishable food
  3. Candles / Wooden Matches / Lighters (wouldn’t want to eat your non-perishables in the dark, would you?!)
  4. Light weight axe (just in case you need to turn stuff to Funny sign beofre after firewood or come across a serial killer)
  5. propane gas for cooking
  6. propane camp stove (what else you gonna cook on?!)
  7. First Aid Kit
  8. Radio and batteries (to communicate, obviously not for the Top 100. Duh)
  9. Headlamp / Flashlight / Lantern
  10. Heavy duty tarp (Multi pupose : catch the rain, give warmth and cover, make out on etc)
  11. Bowie knife
  12. Hiking boots (choose a good brand, you don’t want to add blisters to the disaster at hand!)
  13. Compass
  14. Pepper spray (defend yourself against wild animals or the occasional wild human…)
  15. Sleeping bag
  16. Snow pants and parka
  17. Personal hygiene items
  18. Outdoor clothes
  19. Backpack  (big enough to fit all the stuff above….)
  20. and a hell of a lot of good luck

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here!


2 thoughts on “What Do Humans Need To Survive – Facts & Fun”

  1. Ha ha, I loved this tongue-in-cheek article! Cute! Hey, it’s not just teenagers… my hubby says I couldn’t live without my smartphone either, and I do believe he’s right. As a blogger building a social media campaign it’s an essential tool for survival. Unless you automate of course… and I’m just not ready to give up that kind of control just yet. Do you think I’m dead in the water trying to hold onto every aspect of blogging? Oops… am I bit off topic?

    1. Hey Lauren 😉 thanks! OMG you are so right! My wife keeps saying I can’t live without my smartphone either and do you know that sinking feeling in your stomach when you accidently drop it?? I put mine in the washing machine once. Only realized when I heard the ka-cling ka-cling of something hard rotating between pants, Shirts and bras 😉 …. what a nightmare! DO NOT AUTOMATE – thats my honest opinion. I think if you want to come across as real and human – in my opinion essential to a good blog – Keep it real and personal, so Holding on to every aspect of Blogging seems like a really good plan to me!

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