Times are a-changin’

Do you feel it, too? Go outside for a minute, take a look around. Turn on your TV, browse social media on your smart phone, read a damn newspaper for God’s sakes. I have done all of the above, am doing it, and the picture being painted leaves a hot, red ball of restlessness inside my conscious awareness. Not blatant fear, not yet at least. Outrage, disbelief, anger. I have even surprised myself on numerous occasions since the fateful month of November 2016 by laughing out loud at the complete and utter ridiculousness of the daily dose of “news”. But at the end of the day I am left with this restlessness that I imagine is way too similar to what the average Jew felt in the early 1930’s almost everywhere in the world: something  bad is happening, people. Something rotten and foul is eating away at the pillars of our society, mercilessly grabbing bites of human decency with its sharp bigot teeth, shaking our morals in its lying chops while dowsing all of us in the spittle of lies, narcissism and fake news. So, I ask again: do you feel it? Equality regardless of gender, religion, ethniticity, orientation – for centuries we have fought for equal rights, for decades laid the groundwork to create protective, inclusive laws only to have them ripped out from under our feet by leaders who claim to want to make their countries great again.  We live in democracies yet seem to have forgotten the meaning of that term. Demos – the people. Kratos – power. Democracy – the people have power. The people rule. Oh, but people! Wake up! We live in a caricature of this utopian dream! Stripped of basic human rights. The right to live where we want, to wed and love whom we please, freedom of speech, the right to choose. To protect our planet from global warming. The right to stand up and speak out against tyranny and injustice done to our peers. Are we really so lazy, so comfortable, so scared to give up that upper middle class cushion  of safety to DO THE RIGHT THING and fight back? What are we? Droids? Numb replicas of humans who were once capable of thinking for themselves?  Just look around, I am begging you. Poles melting. Natural disasters. Domestic terrorism against ANYONE DIFFERENT in the name of patriotism. Leaders who stand before us every single day feeding us lies and we just suck them up and swallow them. And if that gives us moral indigestion we choose to ignore that, too. Just like most Germans did from 1933 until 1945. Abby Wambach is right. We NEED to change the rules of the game. We need to step up. We need to stop being  cowards, being lazy, being scared. We need to be Sophie Scholl, not Eva Braun.

People out there. Fellow women out there! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing right now- please take this moment to start to think. Reach out to a friend, a neighbor, coworker; through the internet or social media. Connect. Figure out truths. Lead. Step up and fight back. Write a post. Organize a demonstration. Stop watching Fox News. Anyone, literally anyone can do something to start turning the tides.

Believe each and everyone can make a difference, can help recreate a path of humanity, decency and democracy. As Abby said:  You’re not alone. You’ve got your Pack.  We are not weak. Our voices will be heard. We will stop this lunacy. Rise, women. Yes, you can!






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