Sony NWWS413 Review – Amphibian Mp3 Player, Enjoy On Land And In The Water

Sony NWWS413 Sports Wearable Mp3 Player

Sony NWWS413BM 4GB Sports Wearable MP3 PlayerSony Sports Wearable Mp3 Player

  • Product: Sony NWWS413BM 4GB Sports Wearable MP3 Player
  • Price: $159.99 (retail list price)
  • Cheapest place to buy: ($98)
  • Key features: Wire-free, buildt-in Mp3 player,  wearable, 4GB internal memory, water-proof, dust-proof, quick-charge battery, ambient sound mode
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • My Rating: 9,3 out of 10
    What is the Sony NWWS413BM?
    The Sony NWWS413 is a 4GB MP3 player built into a set of waterproof and dust-proof IP67/68 headphones. It is a prime example of a new generation of Mp3 Players that come with a range of really good features. I was getting tired of either taking my smart phone to the gym and its bulk or the headphone wires always getting in my way; I also wanted a device I could easily run with, use outside (even in the rain), and crazy, I know, I wanted to swim with music blasting my ears 🙂

    So I asked this Sony Mp3 Player as a gift for my birthday and – tada! I got it! Sony Mp3 Player

Design – Comfort – Style

The Sony NWWS413 has it all. When I first unwrapped the package and looked at the player “live” I thought it looked stylish, modern and even a bit futuristic. In short, it looked really great and I couldn’t wait to try it out. When I took it out of the box I noticed right away that it felt really smooth to the touch, lightweight, and the wires seemed flexible enough as not to hurt my head while being sturdy enough to not just break with unavoidable bending.

I fumbled a bit when I first put them on because I had no clue which side was up or down – but that was clearly due to my own stupidity ;-). Its actually pretty self-explanatory. Once I had the headphones safely plugged into my ears they felt Sony Wireless Mp3 Player Colors uniquely comfortable and were a perfect fit. Sure, the earbuds look bigger and bulkier than the ones you are used to from your smart phone headphones, but you don’t feel that. As I said, they feel really light and sit perfectly in place throughout any activity (and I have tried a few ;-)). Swimming, running, pumping irons at the gym, playing ball – the Sony NWWS413 stayed in place where it was supposed to stay. Not a single complaint in that area from me!


I pretty quickly put the player through the practical test for it’s waterproof abilities. Again, I was positively surprised. This particular type of new generation Mp3 players from Sony is waterproof but also resilient in salt water for up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. I tried it 🙂 my player works just as well after my sea dip than it did before! For optimal use, you have to change the earbuds (included) and dry them properly after; but thats a small effort for being able to also listen to your favorite songs while practicing your strokes or just enjoying a swim. An additional feature is that it is sand- and dustproof which makes it the perfect accessoire to take on any holiday or to take with you to the beach. Whereas you worried before to have sand creep into the Corners and crevices of your $700 smartphone, you can now just chill and relax completely with this player. I know, because I did! It was a really great experience and I absolutely loved that I didn’t have to pay constant attention to where I was placing my device.

As mentioned, the headphones come with various sizes of earbuds as well as different types. Some are open-ended for on land listening, while others feature a thin clear plastic seal membrane on the end to stop water getting into the speakers when swimming. A possible con here might be that you get more clarity with the on-land headphones and when you want to switch from swimming to running you may not want to or simply lack the possibility to change the earbuds. You will have to make up your own mind whether you want to carry the spare earbuds; I don’t. When I engage in multi-discipline workouts, I just use the water earbuds and thats a perfectly OK solution.

I never had any issue with the earbuds dislocating during swimming or any other exercise, so again, perfect fit.

A great additional feature is the ambient sound mode. At the touch of a button you get to hear the sounds of the world surrounding you much better which comes in handy for example if you want to listen to work out instructions while listening to your own music; or if you do want to keep an ear on the kids after all while they think you are completely deaf to their bickering 😉

Sound Quality

Not a lot to add here – really great as all the rest. All buttons are easily accessible and self-explanatory, the menu easy to scroll through. It offers different modes, Shuffle, Album Play etc. The sound is clear and strong, on land and under water, with decent bass levels.  A really positive side effect for me is that if I can listen so comfortably to my own choice of music while working out, I seem to have more energy and could enhance my training; simply relaxation at its best.


The Sony Walkman NWWS 413 comes with 4 GB storage. There is also a model available with 8 GB capacity at a higher price, I however thought that was unnecessary. Its a simple, no-nonsense concept with a simple drag-and drop files setup; it can be plugged into any pc or Mac with a USB, charge and be used as the storage device that it is. It plays all mayor music formats (WMA, AAC, Mp3 etc).

Battery & Life Expectancy

The battery holds strong for approximately 12 hours. That in itself is already great but if you do run out and need to charge, your new device has a quick charge function which converts a 3-minute charge to an hour of listening pleasure. Charger dock is light, charging easy either via USB / PC or USB plug.

Buy or Don’t Buy?

If you are looking for a device that is your solid, steady partner-in-crime throughout any type of work-out, this Sony device is the perfect choice for you. If you are looking for a device that can give you ultimate relaxation both on land and in the water and also enables you to tune into the sounds of the world surrounding you at whim, you have to search no longer. It is a smooth, high quality product at a decent price with a great battery life, a super fast charging function and it just looks really cool!

So yes, definitely a BUY IT device! Interested? You can click this link to find the product on

I hope you enjoyed my review and I could help get you a little closer to your ultimate means of relaxation. Thanks for reading!

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