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Howdy folks 🙂

Like most of you know by now I am a doctor and a mom of two kids ages 6 and 8. Nutrition-wise that means a constant struggle between two opposing enemy forces 😉

I WANT to cook healthy, nutritious meals. And my kids?

Our daughter loves her grandma’s cooking. Grandma’s cooking is old fashioned with loads of sugar, salt and fat. When she eats at friends’ places I get the feedback from those friends’ moms that my daughter is a model eater with great table manners, a pleasure to have over for meals – she eats everything and dishes out one compliment after the other on how good it all tastes and how beautiful the food has been arranged. Occassionally, upon hearing that praise, I feel a teeny weeny bit schizophrenic –  because at our dinner table, that same girl doesn’t use napkins because hey, what are clothes for?! May as well wipe your ketchup and grease hands on those! And having her eat much more than her regular 5 dishes of choice is a challenge, to say the least. In all fairness, she does compliment me as well. For example on how well I fried the store-bought cheese poppers. Well gee. Thanks!

However, I shouldn’t complain about our daughter, really. Our son’s current diet is limited to sandwhiches (preferably white bread …grrrrrrrrrr………..) with one certain type of baloney, dry pasta (just cooked, no sauce), dry rice or pancakes (the slim, dutch version, more like crèpes), covered in so much powdered sugar the whole kitchen is engulfed in a powder cloud after. He loves apples. Occassionally he will eat a banana. We stopped forcing veggies into him after we made him eat spinach – which he thanked us for by eruptive vomiting of same said spinach still at the dinner table.

And my wife …. well. I love her, I really do. And I will admit that she has improved her diet since we have gotten together and that she does try everything I put on the table. But really, if it were up to her, she would survive on milk, white bread with peanut butter and cheese. She is Dutch. That might explain that 😉

So, you see how cooking – and healthy cooking at that – can be quite a challenge in our home. However, not all is lost in the Great War 🙂 During the years, I have created and tweaked a few recipes that DO work, at least with my wife, and on occassion and more and more also with our daughter. They are Feel Better recipes. Not just because they make you feel good when you eat them. Also because it makes me feel better if I manage to find something my critical crowd will dive into with gusto 🙂 . I hope you find some of those recipes to your liking and I sure hope the mouths you have to feed will appreciate them 😉


2 thoughts on “Feel Better Recipes”

  1. I am very health conscious and I do try to eat healthy as much as I possibly can, sometimes we are eating foods which we think are healthy which really are not?

    Knowledge is the key to eating healthy, good recipes are good guidelines to be preparing health meals. What is your opinion on using supplement meal replacement, this has been something I have been curious about if they are a good thing or bad?

    1. Hey Jeffrey,

      thanks for your comment! Hope you could find something inside my guidelines to healthy eating and recipes to meet your criteria 😉

      Supplement meal replacements – scientifically if you believe that they contain what they claim to they should give you all you need to stay healthy. Personally, I stay away from them. I feel that eating healthy is not just only in the ingredients, but also in the preparation of a meal and the process of taking your time to eat in a social or a family setting, Relaxing, enjoying, and letting it become a full experience. I don’t fell replacements can give you that! Greetings


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