About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to the sanctuary of “Vitalis Vitae”.  My name is Deb. All my life in some way or another I have had a deep and heartfelt yearning to understand people – what drives them, what hinders or stops them, what motivates them, what holds them back, what makes them tick. I have also always wanted to help fellow humans to figure out themselves, their peers, the world in general and understand what is and isn’t good for them. Throughout the years I have learned that happiness, health, the acceptance of who and what you are and the willingness to make an effort to change those aspects you are not content with are all firmly linked. I have studied mankind. In order to do that on a more intensive and professional level I chose to study medicine. I became a doctor. I have worked in different fields inside of that profession, including the realm of psychosomatics and psychology; eventually, knowing that I love using my own hands as well as my analytical brain as my personal tool, I became a surgeon. So, everyday, I am fortunate enough to be able to do what I have always wanted – help people become healthier and lead them toward the road of a healthier, better, more powerful and more peaceful Lifestyle.

What makes me tick and why Vitalis Vitae?

Along my life’s journey, not only have I always wanted to help others – I have also had the need to create both mental and physical innovative methods of preserving my own health and well-being and at many moments, I have simply had to find ways to survive. I look back on a personal history of both physical and mental abuse in childhood years and hence on many broken bones and adopting a variety of coping mechanisms. One of my parents was an alcoholic/addict and a habitual liar with violent tendencies; I grew up seeing, experiencing, learning and eventually understanding the concept of addiction, abuse, incest, and personality disorders. I have seen many people trying to either destroy themselves or others. My parents were heavy smokers and I picked up the habit at 13, quitting later in my early twenties. Both my grandmother and my mother were terribly overweight, exposing us to food containing all the “bad stuff” – way too much fat, too much sugar, carbohydrates and processed meats. Luckily, my grandmother was also a Sports fanatic, so my interest in all things relating to physical exercise was sparked and promoted early. When I was 10, I knew that I was gay. When I was 19, I came out to my mother – a nightmarish experience in it’s own right. Shortly after that, I made a life-altering decision: I had survived unspeakable abuse and the physical impairments it caused; I had been given the worst of examples in regard to tormenting one’s body and mind through substance abuse, from alcohol to nicotine to nutrition. I had been threatened by my catholic mother to better hide my homosexuality and been offered her “support” to fight this “sickness”. I had, in a sense, been broken, battered, belittled, and the road of my life had been paved for me: smoke, drink, eat unhealthy food, choose mindless entertainment instead of physical exercise and later on, give that same example to my own kids. So I decided. NO FUCKING WAY! I quit smoking, exercised regularly, became fit. I taught myself how to cook, how to eat healthy, how to prepare tasty meals rich with vitamins and low on calories. I worked hard, studied harder. I became a doctor. I live my life openly gay. I am a proud spouse and mother of two wonderful children. I leaned how to find peace and quiet when all around me is chaos. I learned the necessity of self-acceptance. I learned, in short, that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body – mens sana in corpore sano – and that our choices are “vitalis vitae” – vital to life!

And what now?

Now? I want to help you. Yes, you. It doesn’t matter to me whether you are rich, poor, or stable middle class. Boring or the life of every party, the average Joe/Jane or an exceptional talent. Male, female, gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. Parent or not. Single or in any kind of relationship. I don’t care about your religion or beliefs. What I do care about is WHAT MAKES YOU YOU and how I can help you IMPROVE YOURSELF. I want to be a part of your journey to become a healthier, happier, stronger YOU. In this, I will offer support, advice, ideas, stories. In this, Vitalis Vitae will lend a helping hand. It can be the kick in the butt to help you off of the couch and into the gym; it can be the friend that browses the local supermarkets with you for healthy food. It can help counsel, it can understand, and it won’t ever judge. I am looking forward to each visitor and to your questions and comments. This page doesn’t exclude. So welcome to everyone and lets get started on our journey to help you create that HEALTHY MIND that lives in the HEALTHY BODY!